BMC to Build 7 Jetties to Construct Rs 12,000 crore Mumbai’s Coastal Road

Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) will build seven jetties in the Arabian Sea to bring the construction materials for the construction of coastal road project worth Rs 12,000 crore. The Civic body is expected to issue the first phase of work orders from 1st October to build this coastal road in Mumbai.

“Transporting the materials via roads would not be very efficient since the trucks will be able to travel only at night. Thus, a minimum of seven jetties will be constructed where materials, including granite and metal will be transported mainly from Alibagh and Navi Mumbai (New Bombay),” said Additional Municipal Commissioner Sanjay Mukherjee.

The 33.2 km long coastal road will be constructed from South Mumbai (Priyadarshini Park) to Kandivali to reduce the traffic congestion of financial capital of the country. This coastal road will have a combination of tunnels, elevated roads, flyovers, bridges and interchanges, it is said that once the project gets completed, it will be a kind of coastal road of Sydney and San Diego.

The project has been divided into seven sections and one jetty will be constructed for every section to bring construction materials from Alibaugh and Navi Mumbai to offload at jetties; however the locations for jetties have yet to be finalised.

Civic body official claims that building jetties will be feasible and quickest way for transporting the construction materials, as transportation of material by trucks would be only possible in the night.

BMC has already initiated the tendering process for the first phase of the project and will conduct a pre-tendering conference by next week where interested companies will have to submit their past projects in the conference. The civic body has released the expression of interest for the first phase of the project and allowed a joint venture of maximum three companies to avoid conflict of interest.

The qualifying criteria to get the project will be finalised after pre-bid conference. The project will be only awarded to the companies which will have prior experience in building flyovers, sea walls, highways and land reclamation.

Dutch and British governments have already shown their interest to cooperate and participate in the project. However, BMC has also received intimation of companies from China, South Korea, Netherlands, Japan and Belgium.

Last year in December, central government amended the Coastal Regulatory Zone notification-2011 to permit the Rs 12,000 crore coastal road project in Mumbai. On 30 December 2015, Ministry of Environment and Forests (MoEF) had finally given its green signal through a notification, which allows Maharashtra government to reclaim land for the construction coastal road project.
The project had to wait for 4 years to get environmental clearance.

Huge amount of steel, cement, granite and metal will be required for the construction of coastal road, the project will also require huge amount of heavy construction equipment.

Source: Information has been obtained from various media reports, like The Indian Express, HT, ET


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