Advantage of Using Construction Equipment with Latest Technology

In last few decades, technology has evolved by leaps and bounds from our personal life to professional world. It has made our tasks easier and faster with better output in almost every sector from making pen to launching satellites.

Here, we will discuss how technology has progressed and helped the infrastructure and construction business. Usually we see construction projects witnessing delays in execution. However, there are various reasons behind such projects delays, including regulatory hurdles, legal issues, environmental issues, land acquisition and sometimes usage of less advanced machineries.

Works in construction field get smoother and faster with the help of equipment fitted with cutting edge technologies, which ensure the project completion in given deadline. Completing projects on time does not result in cost savings, but also enhance brand value of your business in the market which helps you to get new clientele.

A machine which is embedded with older technology is not capable of doing all the work, but machine embedded with advanced technology can do similar work smoothly in less time. Therefore, less advanced machine takes more time to complete the task as compared to equipment with latest technology.

Sweden based Construction equipment company Huddig has developed a technology called ‘Tigon Technology’, company claims that this technology is a revolution within construction machinery that makes it possible to achieve up to 30 percent greater output than the diesel engine alone in able to produce. This technology gives Huddig’s Backhoe Loader higher efficiency, improved performance and lower fuel consumption.

The other advantage of equipment with latest technology is they are environment friendly and fuel efficient, because various heavy construction equipment consumes huge amount of diesel which cost heavily to the contractors. Like Hitachi Construction Machinery hybrid hydraulic excavator series (ZH200-5B) has superb fuel efficiency with better working performance as compared to its standard model ZX200-5B. Hence, such fuel efficient machines help in reducing CO2.

Caterpillar F-series of Backhoe Loaders like 416F, 420F and 430F which meets Tier 4 Interim emissions standards, more bucket breakout force, greater lift capacity, and increased backhoe control, higher level of performance, operator convenience, durability and serviceability.

There are various other companies like JCB, Tata Hitachi, Komatsu,Terex, Volvo CE and other have come up with various CE products embedded with advanced technology, such CE products, enhancing production efficiency and having other advantages over old version of the products.

But these advanced technologies embedded CE are very costly, if you are not big construction companies then buying such equipment may not be easy due to shortage of funds, but there are various Banks, NBFCs and platforms like help you to finance your desired asset so that you can also enjoy better productivity at your site and ensure timely completion of your project.


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