Here’s Why JCB Backhoe Loader is a Leader in Earthmoving Equipment Segment

JCB-Backhoe-Loader-3DX-EOS1Backhoe loader, the one of the crucial heavy engineering machine and versatile Earthmoving equipment across the construction sites and is the most usable machine at mining sites.

This multipurpose machine usually used both as an excavator and as a loader, equipped with different tools depending on the model of the machine, which gives edge to Backhoe loader over other Earthmoving equipment and makes it popular in the construction field.

The Backhoe loader is also known as digger and backhoe, but generally referred as JCB in India, Britain and other countries as it was first manufactured by JCB and due to leadership in Backhoe loader market, people call this machine as simply JCB.

JCB makes Backhoe loader in different sizes which equipped with different technologies, the most advanced Backhoe loader is often comes with better technology compared to its previous model to perform better task than previous one. JCB often does innovation with its products which help the machine to enhance its productivity to carry out better output in construction and mining sites. This innovation makes the business profitable and hassle free work at sites for its operator, it helps JCB Backhoe loader to lead the world in performance and become the reliable brand over the period of time.

The 2DX Backhoe Loader of JCB is a versatile machine and it fills the gap of inaccessible areas of its previously Backhoes, with its compact size. It’s useful for fine ground clearance for flexible performance. Its 49.5hp engine best suited to this size of backhoes, its Kirloskar engine gives superb fuel economy and gives plenty of power. The 0.55 cum G.P shovel with high breakout forces give amazing loader productivity to 2DX Backhoe Loader of JCB.

JCB Ecoxcellence comes in four models like 3DX ecoXcellence, 3DX Xtra ecoXcellence, 3DX Super ecoXcellence and 4DX ecoXcellence Backhoes, these heavyweights’ models are setting new standards in operator comfort, fuel efficiency & performance with advanced Livelink Telematics technology, claims the company.

Best-in-class hydraulic forces and durable transmission makes 3DX Super ecoXcellence Backhoe loader master of all jobs. It is one of the versatile construction equipment one can own, combines both loading shovels and excavators, and is the key benefits of it. JCB has designed it to drive across the sites and drive between the sites with high road speed of 36kph. Company has fitted steel fenders, bonnet and nose to protect the 3DX Super from any damage. To protect the hard material like rock, the excavator end is made of very hard steel, replaceable wear plate on bucket and dipper are there.

This model of JCB is equipped with 92hp engine, turbo Charged, water cooled JCB engine ecoMAX help in performing in hot and dusty working conditions. 6-in-I front shovel with high breakout forces provide great loader productivity of the machine.

4DX ecoXcellence Backhoe loader is one the most modern Backhoes available in the market; it has a system of idle time monitoring, fuel level information, engine status and also having a GPS tracking system. The functionality of its engine is similar to 3DX Super. It has 17 ft. excavator, massive tear out-forces and bigger bucket size enhance overall productivity of the equipment.

JCB has over 600 dealers across the country, if anyone is planning to buy the new Backhoe loader, one can contact these dealers, however, if you have a shortage of funds, but still want to own only JCB Backhoe loader, one can go for second-hand JCB Backhoes, for that you can log in to reliable platform for various ranges of Backhoe loaders along with other CE products for better valuation.


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