How Trained Heavy Equipment Operator Help Your Business!

loaderTo increase productivity and profitability in any business, we need the highly trained and experienced employees, similarly in the field of construction industry the productivity and profitability of business also depend on trained heavy equipment operators.

The unskilled operator of heavy machines leads to the various types of losses to the construction business such as decrease in productivity, delay in project completion, huge fuel consumption, regular repairing and maintenance cost of the equipment and hazardous to health of the operator and other workers at construction sites.

A skilled heavy machine operator knows the proper way of operating the equipment in diverse condition and at different kinds of projects to get done the work correctly and effectively.

Different kinds of heavy machines used for different nature of construction work, so having expertise in each machine is very necessary. For the example, work of cranes, excavators, backhoe loaders or asphalt plant are different, therefore each equipment must have separate trained operator to successfully operate the specific machine.

Employers, who understand the importance of training, arrange various types of training for their workers, or people who are seeking a career in the field of construction as an operator go through the fundamental skills for operating particular machine or given knowledge of the specific machine and operating skill.

The highly skilled operator ensures the smooth functioning  of machine, reduce the possibility of breakdown, ensure better productivity, save the cost of regular maintenance, help in increasing the machine’s life,  ensure safety standard and there are many other advantage of it.

Usually, proper uses of machines also help in giving resale value in future.

These days, giving skill and operating training for specific machine to operator become one of the main services of construction equipment manufacturers given to its customer, when companies launch new products in the market; they also provide training for the machine to increase the sale, because a lack of training skill of the machine may cause the huge loss to the buyers.

Therefore, companies like JCB, Volvo CE, Tata Hitachi, Tarex India and other provide training either at client locations or in their own training centres across the country. Tata Hitachi has an Operator Training School in Kharagpur which give driving and servicing skills for excavators and backhoe loaders to people.

Indian government also realised the need of having skilled manpower in road building sector, recently Mr. Nitin Gadkari, Minister of Road Transport& Highways and Shipping exhorts highway builders, contractors, and skill development institutions to come forward in a big way to train existing highway construction workers and also give new training to local and unemployed youth to increase skilled manpower to bring faster speed in highway building.


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