Looking for Used JCB Backhoe Loaders, This Website Equips You With Varieties of Models

A Backhoe loader is one of the most versatile heavy construction equipment, mainly used in urban engineering and small construction projects. Contractors use it for diverse construction works such as building small houses, fixing urban roads, small demolition, digging holes, laying pipes, breaking asphalt, setting up drainage system, transport heavy items, and others.

Various reports suggest that the demand of Backhoe loader in India is on rising and expected to continue for the over next few years. In India, JCB is the market leader in the Backhoe Loader for more than three decades. Therefore, JCB’s Backhoe Loaders are often the first choice for many contractors. Due to its brand value and quality products, its resale value is also very high as compared to other brands.

We have noticed many individuals and civil contractors specifically inquire to http://www.equipmentonestop.com (the leading website for buying and selling used construction equipment) for second-hand JCB Backhoe Loaders and we successfully met the requirement of people visited the portal.
Currently the portal is having two famous JCB models,  JCB 3DX Backhoe Loader and JCB 432ZX in various cities like Mumbai, Pune, Thane, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Jaipur, New Delhi, Haryana, Raipur, Chittorgarh, Bhilai, Hassan (Karnataka), Gandhidham (Gujarat), Jaipur (JCB 432ZX ) Tonk, Bharatpur, and Bhilwara (Rajasthan).  The range of these two models varies between Rs 4.75 lakh and 32 lakh depending on the make year, maintenance history, and current condition of the machines.
We also allow buyers to further negotiate with sellers where you are convinced it’s a great deal.
Previously, people have bought different other JCB models through the portal in various states.
If you are also looking for any specific model of JCB’s Backhoe Loaders in your city, please visit the website to search your favourite model. In case, if you are from some remote part of the country, we still provide the model which meets your project requirement using our wide range of dealers’ network.
The best part of buying the used Backhoe Loaders from this portal is, it gives you the ease to access different JCB’s models at a time, and it gives you the flexibility to choose the model which suits your project.
You can also log on to www.equipmentonestop.com to purchase used Backhoe Loaders from other brands.

Points to Remember When Buying Used Concrete Pumps

At the construction site, Concrete Pump is one of the most crucial construction equipment. The machine is specially used for transferring liquid concrete by pumping for accurate pouring concrete where it is required.  The Concrete Pump is very effective and economical machine for all types of construction projects from small to large residential and commercial construction project.

There are three major advantages of using the Concrete Pump; one is, increasing the concrete pouring speed as we know the speed is a crucial aspect of construction projects.  Second – it ensures higher accuracy and quality in concrete pouring irrespective of using any types of concrete pump, and third- this machine requires less manpower, using it requires fewer labours than conventional methods of concrete placement. It also helps in reducing the labour cost of projects.
It not only gives the higher accuracy and quality in concrete pouring, but also provides perfect concrete pumping results with zero material wastage.
Primarily there are two types of Concrete Pumps, The Boom or Truck Mounted Pumps and Line or Trailer-mounted Pump. The Boom Concrete Pump is attached to a truck or longer units are on semi-trailers, it is also called truck-mounted boom pump. These concrete pumps are mostly used in large construction projects as they are capable of pumping the high volume of concrete in less time.
Line Pump requires steel or flexible rubber hoses to be manually attached to the machine. Here the machine usually pumps concrete at lower volume than a Boom concrete pump, it is mainly used for applications that require smaller volume pumping like sidewalks, swimming pools, and small houses concrete slabs.
Both concrete pumps have their specific application at the sites, therefore it is important to pick up right concrete pump by considering your requirement.
Buying the New concrete pumps is always worthy as it gives better and smooth production, especially if you are buying it from a well-known brand such as Schwing Stetter, Putzmeister Greaves, and others.  But people are very confused investing in used concrete pumps or any other used construction machines, so having the idea of ‘Do’ and ‘Don’t’ at the time of buying used concrete pumps, will prevent you to invest in mediocre concrete pumps which will further consume your money in servicing and repairing.

Remember these points when looking for a used concrete pump

  • Buy it from trusted sellers.
  • Buy machine checked by an expert.
  • The Boom Pumps and Line pumps have different applications; ensure you are buying the pumps which suit your application.
  • Always remember purchasing wrong machine can cost you more money (in servicing, repairing), Ensure, when was the last Boom inspection
  • Ask owner, when he changed the Hydraulic oil last time.
  • Ask for the service record of the pump from the owner .
  • Ensure the differential cylinders are in good shape.
  • Personally inspect the machine when it buys from an online player (www.equipmentonestop.com) .
  • Even buying the second-hand concrete pumps, ensure you give preference to Brand, as the brand has always higher resale value.
  • Ensure machine is not too old; give preference to less older machine.

Why Maintenance of Your Heavy Construction Equipment is Important

Maintenance is the crucial part of the sustainability, whether its human body, home, any small or big machine, similarly the maintenance of heavy construction equipment is also crucial for its sustainability. The heavy construction machinery required more maintenance compared to other machine kept inside the house or inside the plant as they are away from the dust, but construction machines are made to work outside or at construction sites which are full of dust, thus construction equipment demand for better care, maintenance and regular servicing for its productivity.

The construction machinery is very costly and even most of the parts of these machines are very expensive, therefore, the owner of the machines must give extra care and should be conscious as far as maintenance and servicing of the machines are concerned to avoid the breakdown.  Damage to any parts and connection could lead to the heavy loss to the owners. To avoid the heavy loss, owners are advised to be careful and take precaution in advance.

Generally, the operator of the construction machines is the one who either makes or breaks your costly heavy machines. The careless or untrained operators may cost you huge due to ignorance attitude or lack of basic operating guidelines. So as an owner of the machine, you should ensure that your machine is handled by well trained and certified operators.

One should also follow the manufacturer’s servicing guidelines to avoid the breakdown. Servicing on or before due date helps in increasing the productivity of your machine for longer periods.

A well-maintained machine not only gives you the better productivity but also its resale value gets increased. Usually, after one year of purchasing the machine, the value of the construction machine goes down by 20% to 30% if the machine is not properly maintained and the poor servicing record may further decrease the resale value of the machine thus you end up losing monetary value of your machine as well.

Therefore, experts suggest that if you want to rent out your machine due to unavailability of the project in hand or you have decided to sell it after a few years, so it’s advisable to properly care your machine and send it for servicing on a regular interval. Because when people come to buy a used machine, the  first thing they ask for servicing record and inspect the machine carefully (check all the attachment, engines, leakage and others) and even a contractor who is willing to hire your machine, will also check whether your machine is properly maintained or not.

The buyer of used construction equipment buy a second-hand machine only due to the shortage of money and save their project cost, so they will not prefer the machine which is not properly maintained as they are not in a position to further invest in servicing and broken parts.

Here is Why Northeast a Big Market for Construction Equipment Manufacturers, Rental Companies

The government has been giving special attention to infrastructure development in the North Eastern region of the country, especially on the road, railway, communication, and telecom network in all eight states of the region, including Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, Sikkim, and Tripura.

Finance Minister Mr. Arun Jaitley has increased allocation for the North East region in Budget 2017-18 to Rs 43245 crore from Rs 32180 in the previous budget and also increased the allocation of Ministry of Development of North Eastern Region (DoNER) to Rs 2682.45 crore from Rs 2524.42 crore.

“Railway ministry has big plans for the North East, several new projects amounting to about Rs 13,500 crore have been sanctioned in this year’s budget, including new lines, bridges and an elevated rail track project from Kamakhya to New Guwahati at a cost of Rs 3,062 crore,” Mr. Rajen Gohain, Union Minister of State for Railways was quoted as saying by the Outlook India. He said while speaking during infrastructure development conference at ConMac 2017 in Guwahati on 3rd March.

In July last year, the Railway minister Mr. Suresh Prabhu had said that railways would invest over Rs 7,000 crore in the current financial year to develop rail infrastructure in North Eastern states.

Hon’ble President of India, Mr. Pranab Mukherjee announced that all meter-Gauge tracks will be converted to Broad-Gauge in North Eastern states by the end of the year, he said while addressing a joint session of both Houses of Parliament on the eve of Budget presentation. The central government proposed broad-gauge connectivity to all North-Eastern state capitals by 2020.

The development of the road is single most important demand in the North Eastern states and density of roads in the region is less than the national average.  The NER Vision 2020 emphasis in the expansion and development of the road network at all levels from National Highways to rural roads. Thus, construction of roads and highways in North Eastern states is the utmost priority for the Central and State governments. Therefore, both states and the central government have taken up a massive programme to expand the road network in the region.

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) is primarily responsible for the development and maintenance of National Highways in the country. The Ministry allocated Rs.612.61 crore for repair and maintenance of NHs in the North Eastern Region in current year (2016-17), and Rs.979.92 crore during last three years.

For the better road connectivity in the region, The National Highway & Infrastructure Development Corporation Limited (NHIDCL) has started development work and so far projects aggregation to 1188km at a cost of Rs.14,830 crore.

According to the MoRTH, as of 18th October 2016, NHIDCL was handling 134 National Highway and other road development projects covering a length of about 8,007 km in the North East states which was to be executed at a cost of approximately Rs. 100,000 crore.

In August 2016, the government had informed the Parliament that 197 road building projects of a length 4320.95 km were undergoing which being implemented under various programmes or schemes of  the MoRTH in North Eastern states at a cost of Rs 37691.05 crore. The 20 major railway projects of a length of 2624 km had been taken up at a cost of Rs 52030 crore in the region. While, for the development of telecom, Comprehensive Telecom Development Plan at a cost of Rs 5336.18 crore was under the implementation in the region.

The North Eastern Council (NEC) implemented 715 various development projects at a total approved cost of Rs 7148.65 crore in the North Indian states and the Ministry of Rural Development has been also assisting respective state governments under PMGSY programme. As of 5 August 2016, the Ministry of DoNER had also released an amount of Rs 4113.31 crore for the developments of 608 roads and bridges under NLCPR.

The huge investment in the eight North Eastern states indicates the scope for the construction equipment manufacturers in the region as the massive infrastructure development in the region will create a huge demand for construction equipment. Looking at the demand from this region, Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) organised the second edition of ConMac 2017 (Construction Equipment Exhibition for North East) in a partnership with Indian Construction Equipment Manufacturers’ Association (ICEMA) in Guwahati on 2nd to 4th March 2017.

The ConMac 2017 witnessed the presence of major construction equipment companies such as JCB India, SANY, Tata Hitachi, SCHWING Stetter, ACE, Kobelco Construction Equipment, Bull Machines, Safari Construction Equipments, Rhino Road Equipments, KYB-Conmat, Ashok Road Equipments and Manufacturer, Ajax Fiori Engineering and others.

The investments in the region will also benefit rental companies in the North Eastern states as many contractors started renting heavy construction machines in order to reduce their project cost.

Source: Information has been obtained from GoI, Outlook India, ConMac

Looking to Rent Out Your Backhoe Loader, This Website Makes Your Work Easier

Many of you must be looking for individuals or civil contractors to ‘Rent Out’ your Backhoe Loaders for the various reasons, but due to lack of local contacts or lack of potential customers who are unable to pay the market rate, must be bothering you much in an order to rent your machine which forces you to simply idle your machine at home.

Now the time has gone when people had to struggle to rent out their most versatile construction equipment to desired customers. As Equipment One Stop (www.equipmentonestop.com) recently started its Rental Services, now it makes everyone’s job easier to reach people who are also in search of hiring the Backhoe loader. The website’s Rental Service helps you in many ways like 1) Easy posting on website, 2) Your machine  viewed by people from across the country, 3) Interested  person will approach you to hire your machine, 4) Higher chance to get better renting price than your local areas, 5) Posting on the website is absolutely free.

The rental service will now not let you idle your Backhoe Loader after completing your project. Even a dealer can also avail the advantage of this online platform to search a potential customer.

As we are aware that demand for construction equipment entirely depends on the investment on infrastructure projects in any region or country. The demand of Backhoe Loaders surged in the country last year on the back of huge construction activities, especially in Roads and Highways, Railways, Irrigation, and other sectors.

The demand of Backhoe loaders and other CE products will further continue in 2017 in the country as centre announced a huge budgetary investment of Rs 3.96 lakh crore for infrastructure sector in the next financial year (2017-18).  As a result of the investment in the Infra projects, the demand of the Backhoe loader will continue to rise in the country, as it has multiple uses in different construction projects due to its versatile nature.

One of the research report says that in the next 10 years, the practice of renting construction equipment will rise in a move to save project costs. It shows that construction companies will start renting construction equipment in order to reduce overall costs.

It indicates that potential customers are there to hire your machine, but you only require the right channel to reach them, the www.equipmentonestop.com  gives you the platform to meet them to ‘Rent Out’ your Backhoe Loader/other CE.

Planning to Sell Used Construction Equipment – Get Valuation From Expert

Selling any used product is not as simple as selling any brand new product from the showroom, similarly selling used construction equipment may not be as simple as selling new heavy machinery. Thus the price of the new machine is fixed by the company while there is no fixed price for second-hand construction equipment.

A seller of used machine is not usually aware of what price they should sell their used heavy equipment, especially the people living in the rural areas as they do not have easy access to the big resale market. Due to lack of the organized market for selling used equipment, the seller ends up selling it at a very low price whereas its actual resale price could be higher.

In this case, the owner of the machine could not utilize or gain by selling the old machine. Here, an Expert can play the important role in providing the valuation for your used machines.

Until a few years ago, the used construction equipment market was quite scattered and lacked the professionalism while dealing with buying and selling any types of used construction equipment. Slowly this market started becoming organized to serve the resale market on the line of developed countries. Due to the emergence of online players like Equipmentonestop.com in India, it brought remarkable changes in the sector and empowered the sellers, especially seating in a remote area of the country.

The one of unique service introduced by the Equipmentonestop.com for the people is ‘Valuation Service’. In this service, the team of Experts from the industry helps the sellers to decide their machine’s market value on the basis of the current market requirement, trend, and condition of the machine which could help the sellers in deciding the resale price for their used heavy equipment. It helps the sellers get the maximum return by selling used construction equipment.

Various people already availed this service and gained the better return by selling their second-hand construction machine. The team of experts at Equipmentonestop.com provides the valuation for all types of used construction equipment including,   Excavator, Backhoe Loader, Wheel Loader, Crane, Motor Grader, Paver, Roller, Pavement Planer, Asphalt Mixing Plant, Forklifts, Milling machine, Compactors, Tippers and different others.

This service is available for people from across the country, even a seller seating in a remote part of India can avail it.

Besides the valuation service, this online portal also provides the platforms for buying and selling used construction equipment, renting services, Loan upon buying used and new construction equipment and also Insurance are provided to sustain a loss due to physical damage or breakdown of the heavy equipment.

Next time if you are confused deciding the price of your used equipment, you can contact with the www.equipmentonestop.com for better valuation of your machine.

Indian Motor Grader Market to Rise 24% Over The Next 5 Years Due to Growing Infra Investment, Road Construction: Report

The Indian Motor Grader market is expected to rise 24% over the next five years (2021) on the back of growing road building activities and future investment in the infrastructure projects said a latest report of Off-Highway Research. In 2016, the sales of motor graders jumped 54% in the country.

The recent growth in the Motor Grader market and the optimistic forecast for next five years is based on the rising infrastructure investment and a recovery in mining activities in India says the report titled ‘Indian Equipment Analysis: Motor Graders’.

“Sales of motor graders follow very closely the trends of expenditure on the construction of new roads and the maintenance of the road network, so demand for machines will largely depend on the speed at which existing and future road projects are executed. The backlog of pending road construction work in the country as well as the government’s ambitious infrastructure development plans, offer huge potential for growth in the motor grader demand,” said the report.

In the Budget 2017-18, the Indian government has allocated Rs. 3.96 lakh crore (18% of total budget cost) to give the much-needed push to the country’s infrastructure sector, increase from Rs 2.21 lakh crore (In budget 2016-17).

Out of this Rs. 3.96 lakh crore, the Rs. 2.41 lakh crore alone allocated for transportation sector, including Railways, Roads and Ports sectors. For the highways, it allocated Rs. 64,900 crore investments up from Rs. 57,976 crore in 2016-17. Besides, the government will develop and expand 2,000 km of coastal roads to facilitate better connectivity with ports and remote villages.

In addition, the central government has allocated Rs. 19,000 crore for Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana (PMGSY) in the next fiscal to complete the current target under PMGSY by 2019, and with the contribution of the States, around Rs. 27,000 crore will be spent on PMGSY in 2017-18.

In the last two years, the government has successfully increased the pace of the road construction in the country and it is expected to continue, as the government announced a huge investment for road development. It is also closely monitoring the pace of the road construction. Recently, Road Transport, Highway and Shipping Minister Mr. Nitin Gadkari said, the government sets a target to build 42 km of roads per day.

Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) has aimed to award works worth Rs 7 lakh crore in the next five years to develop National Highways of around 50,000 km.

“Future demand for bigger machines will be largely determined by the levels of activity in the mining sector, which is likely to grow in the coming years,” the report said.

The manufacturers of Motor Graders like CAT, Komatsu, Tata Hitachi, Terex, Volvo, Hyundai, Action Construction Equipment (ACE), CASE Construction, LIUGONG, SANY, Schwing Stetter, Leeboy, Deere, and others will be benefiting from the road building in India.

Source: Information has been obtained from Off-Highway Research, GoI

A Guide to Understanding Major Difference Between Excavator and Backhoe Loader

Construction equipment manufacturers design and build each machine for a specific task; therefore it is equally important for users to know the task perform by the each machine before they bring it to the construction site. Here we will see the usage and functionality of two most used Earthmoving equipment, the Excavator, and Backhoe Loader. They alone consist almost 40% of the market share.

Excavator and Backhoe Loader, both are versatile construction equipment in the field of civil engineering, but the major difference between these two are the capabilities of each machine depending on the project size, the difference in weight and size of each machine. However, both these machines are available in different sizes so that contractors can perform the specific task and depending on the project size.


This versatile construction equipment performs different tasks at construction sites. An excavator is majorly used for medium and large size of construction projects in industrial and commercial sites. It performs multiple jobs such as Digging holes, foundations, and trenches, River dredging, driving piles, Snow removal, dragging and lifting materials, and is also used for demolition.

The Hydraulic excavators can perform various other tasks beyond the excavation with the attachment like a Grapple, Breaker, and Auger; it can perform Brush cutting, drilling shafts, rock blasting and others. It comes in different sizes, like small size called mini or compact excavator, medium excavator, and large excavator and each size is designed to use for different kinds of projects, for example, the large excavators used for big projects and vice versa. In the recent time, many contractors started preferring mini excavator over Backhoe Loaders.

This versatility makes Excavator ideal Earthmoving equipment for medium to heavy-duty tasks.

Backhoe Loader

Backhoe Loader is called a standard tractor and is most sold construction equipment in India due to its multi-functionality abilities. This unique construction equipment has a combination of different tools (Boom, dipper, bucket, Shovel etc.) and each tool associated with Backhoe Loader performs different tasks at construction sites. The machine is used for small demolition, digging holes, paving roads, breaking asphalt, laying pipes, setting up drainage system, transport heavy items; it is capable of performing various other tasks. It is given the name backhoe as it pulls the dirt back towards itself.

Backhoe Loader is a right kind of machine for small to medium types of construction projects in the small budget. Backhoe Loader uses for almost all types of construction projects in India. The future market for the Backhoe Loader in India is quite bullish as various reports suggest that India will remain the most profitable market.

Difference between Backhoe Loaders and Excavators

1 – Backhoe Loaders are very small as compared to the Excavators

2 – Backhoe Loader looks like an advanced tractor, fitted with bucket/shovel on the front and a Backhoe on the back side of the machine.

3 – Excavators consist of a stick, bucket, boom and cabin mounted on a platform. It is considered as most versatile machine as compared to the Backhoe Loader. The excavator is the most specialist machines to perform its task.

4 – Backhoe Loader has tire whereas excavator comes with tracks (either rubber or metal).

5 – The advantage with excavators is that it can swing on 360 degrees while the backhoe loader has restricted rotation of 200 degrees on the left and right side.

6 – Excavators are suitable for heavy duty tasks (commercial and industrial) with sufficient open space at the sites and Backhoe Loaders relatively used for small and medium duty work. Backhoe Loader can be used in compact and constricted job locations whereas Excavators require open space.

7 – As far as cost involves with both the machines are concerned, buying a standard excavator is much higher than standard backhoe loader. The maintenance, storage, renting or leasing excavator is costly compared to the backhoe loaders.

8 – In the cabin, operators of the excavators sit on the rotating platform, whereas backhoe loaders cabin is fixed.

9 – To transport Excavators, one requires carrier vehicle to transport it to one place to another or bring it to the construction sites. While Backhoe loaders can be transported easily from one place to another. However, transporting Excavators are quite high compared to the Backhoe Loaders.

2016 Was a Record-Breaking Year for SDLG in India with Double-Digit Sales Growth in Wheel Loader

The Shandong Lingong Machinery Company (SDLG), the brand of Chinese construction equipment giant Lingong saw a record-breaking year in India last year with the double-digit sales growth in its wheel loader. The company witnessed the growth in its construction equipment sales on the back of rising infrastructure activities in India.

The Chinese brand entered in the Indian construction equipment market in 2008, in the nine years of its operation, last year its sales volume had jumped seven times from its first year. The growth in the sales of the SDLG products indicates the popularity of its machines is gaining in India.

The company expects the further growth and demand for road building equipment in India is expected from the road projects as Indian government target to achieve the ambitious goal of building 40 km of new road a day.

While talking about the future growth in India, Mr. Sanu George, Business Head, SDLG India, said, “SDLG machines have proven to be reliable and cost effective on road projects across India. The trust our road building customers have in us will most likely to transfer to other sectors. In future, we expect to see our machines used in quarries or other applications.”

The SDLG motor graders have helped the owners with low maintenance costs and fast return on their investment over the past several years; these machines have contributed to improving profitability for the owners. The SDLG’s 16-ton G9190 motor grader is a popular choice for Indian road building projects, claims the company.

Currently, SDLG sells three models of Wheel Loader in India, including its most popular model the LG958L; it is a perfect machine for the dockside applications, and also best use for mining and general loading duties.

To continue its strong momentum in India, last year SDLG unveiled two new machines a three-tonne Wheel Loader- L933, and a 12-tonne Motor Grader- G9138 at bauma Conexpo India in December 2016, and both received with enthusiasm by customers.

The L933 equipped with a Weichai WP6G125E331 turbocharged engine designed together with Deutz, the engine delivers 92 kW at 2,300 rpm which can manage a range of material handling tasks with ease. The overall working weight of this wheel loader is 10,200–10,250 kg, the machine can deliver up to 96 kN of breakout and traction force, while its steep 45-degree dump angle and high 45-degree bucket rollback allow for more efficient load carrying and quicker cycle times.

As India aims to expand its national road network, The G9138 meets the demand of smaller and lighter motor graders for narrower road construction. The G9138 is powered by a Deutz BF4M1013-15T3R/2 engine that delivers 111 kW at 2100 rpm and it’s complemented by a ZF 6WG 158 transmission. The machine has working weight of 12,100 kg and can reach maximum forward and backward speeds of 39 km/h and 24.5 km/h respectively. It can deliver up to 75.4 kN of traction force.

With these two additions, SDLG expects to maintain this success in 2017 too. Currently, the company has a dealer of 14 well-established partner companies to deliver on its commitment to provide machines and services to its customers across the country.

Source: Information has been obtained from SDLG