Why Maintenance of Your Heavy Construction Equipment is Important

Maintenance is the crucial part of the sustainability, whether its human body, home, any small or big machine, similarly the maintenance of heavy construction equipment is also crucial for its sustainability. The heavy construction machinery required more maintenance compared to other machine kept inside the house or inside the plant as they are away from the dust, but construction machines are made to work outside or at construction sites which are full of dust, thus construction equipment demand for better care, maintenance and regular servicing for its productivity.

The construction machinery is very costly and even most of the parts of these machines are very expensive, therefore, the owner of the machines must give extra care and should be conscious as far as maintenance and servicing of the machines are concerned to avoid the breakdown.  Damage to any parts and connection could lead to the heavy loss to the owners. To avoid the heavy loss, owners are advised to be careful and take precaution in advance.

Generally, the operator of the construction machines is the one who either makes or breaks your costly heavy machines. The careless or untrained operators may cost you huge due to ignorance attitude or lack of basic operating guidelines. So as an owner of the machine, you should ensure that your machine is handled by well trained and certified operators.

One should also follow the manufacturer’s servicing guidelines to avoid the breakdown. Servicing on or before due date helps in increasing the productivity of your machine for longer periods.

A well-maintained machine not only gives you the better productivity but also its resale value gets increased. Usually, after one year of purchasing the machine, the value of the construction machine goes down by 20% to 30% if the machine is not properly maintained and the poor servicing record may further decrease the resale value of the machine thus you end up losing monetary value of your machine as well.

Therefore, experts suggest that if you want to rent out your machine due to unavailability of the project in hand or you have decided to sell it after a few years, so it’s advisable to properly care your machine and send it for servicing on a regular interval. Because when people come to buy a used machine, the  first thing they ask for servicing record and inspect the machine carefully (check all the attachment, engines, leakage and others) and even a contractor who is willing to hire your machine, will also check whether your machine is properly maintained or not.

The buyer of used construction equipment buy a second-hand machine only due to the shortage of money and save their project cost, so they will not prefer the machine which is not properly maintained as they are not in a position to further invest in servicing and broken parts.


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