Before Buying Greaves’s Concrete Pump, You Should Know its Various Models

EquipmentPosting_8904_1459161665327In the field of engineering concrete pump is considered as a one of the crucial machine, this equipment make use of transferring liquid concrete through pumping for better quality of roofing and concreting any structure.

Engineers use concrete pumps because it is very reliable and efficient means of placing concrete for concreting and also considered as economical due to speed and ease during pumping concrete. At certain location at a construction site, pump is only means of placing concrete, like in construction of high rise building, where concrete truck unable to reach.

Generally, these concrete pumps are available in these four categories, Mobile Pump, Stationary Pump, Truck Mounted Static Pump, and Truck Mixer Concrete Pump.

In Indian market, Greaves Infra is one of the major players in concrete pumps business. The company offers the full range of concrete products with latest technology to benefit the construction industry. Its four models GCP 350 D, GCP 350 E, GCP 450 DSV and GCP 3709 Z concrete pumps featured with unique quality and having different functions depending on the project size which attract the customers, available in both Diesel and electrical versions.

GCP 3709 Z model of Greaves Boom Pump reaches a maximum height of 37 meters and gives an output of 90 Cbm/hr. Its 4 arm Z fold type boom offers increased flexibility and maneuverability in areas where space is a constraint. Best suited for mega p rojects such as airports, metro projects, mono-rails, flyovers and high rise infrastructural and residential projects; Greaves GCP3709Z provides superior productivity and pumping efficiency thereby ensuring faster completion of projects, reduced down-time and higher output.

Company’s three high capacity stationary concrete pumps GCP 5500, GCP 6500 and GCP 8500 are developed with globally accepted S. Valve technology with the aim of heavy duty construction activities in high rise commercial and residential buildings and infrastructure worksites such as tunnels, dams, Bridges, Irrigation etc.

All three models of the stationary Concrete pumps are powered by fuel efficient and emission compliant engines and integrated with contemporary hydraulic systems and components that are designed to deliver concrete perform under challenging pumping condition. Greaves Concrete pumps ensure lowest cost per cubic meter of concrete pumped. A fully electrical control panel with remote as a standard feature can operate both on the piston and the rod side. This result in a maximum concrete output of 50-80 cubic metres per hour, varying from model to model, claims the company.

The hard chrome platted concrete cylinder in the pumps offer extended service life against wear and corrosion. The replaceable hard rams are designed to withstand high pressure and are high wear resistant. The internals are well designed so as to allow for minimum wear and tear, thereby minimising replacement and maintenance costs.