Buying Best Used Construction Equipment in India

Second Hand AMW Trucks Tippers in MumbaiBuying construction equipments is usually a pretty costly affair. Buying used equipment is even trickier because of the quality concerns. The purchase decision of equipment involves not only its usage and usability but also its impact on the project itself. The costs involved may affect the overall operating costs of the project. Hence it is important to adopt a holistic approach in the selection of the equipment.

Here are some tips to be kept in mind while buying used equipment:

Current Fleet Assessment: The first and foremost thing should be a detailed evaluation of the current stock of all the equipments. This would entail equipment purchase dates, current age, remaining usable life, repair and servicing history, financing details and usage statistics. Usage statistics comprises of daily, monthly and seasonal usage of the equipment. To accurately assess the usability and future requirements of an asset it is also necessary to assess current ongoing projects and their details. The decision of getting new equipment should be based on its current and future usage and its relative value add in the overall fleet. Apart from the project details, it should be also being kept in mind whether there are enough trained people to operate the intended new equipment.

Multifunction Equipment: It makes sense to buy equipment which can be used for multiple purposes. This especially makes sense when multiple projects going on and one need to optimize the usage of equipments. In this regard, backhoe loader is quite versatile and can be used in multiple projects. At the same time, the material matter to be handled and the terrain should also be considered while choosing the equipment.

Price vs. Quality: While buying used equipment it is easy to get fooled by low prices. However, the quality and condition of the equipment should never be compromised over price. First of all, it should be ascertained whether the equipment will be suited for current project needs and thereafter in terms of load, terrain and usage. If it does, the equipment should be thoroughly checked for its performance. This calls for a technical inspection of the engine, starting state and all the controls in full working condition. Also, the equipment should be checked for any leaks or welds which indicate poor maintenance and need for repair and refurbishing.

Brand vs. Product: There are a few brands in the market which are quite established and hence finding operators or technicians for these is never a problem. Consequentially, they win hands over other brands. Nevertheless, it is advised to actually look for the product details instead of blindly. One notable point here is the fuel efficiency of the equipment. As operating costs compose the major chunk of the overall costs a minor improvement in fuel efficiency can amount huge savings in the long run.

Online Deals: The usual approach of buying used construction equipment is to search in the localized markets. The problem is that this might take a lot of time to find the right equipment. Also, the localized search might just overlook a better deal in some other geographical location. Recently sprung up online portals try to address this gap and provide a seamless end to end solution for buying used equipment. These portals not only provide access to nationwide geographical reach but also give purchase assistance at each and every point.

Auctions: In addition to the regular deals, at times good deals are offered in auctions. Hence, the potential buyer should always keep looking for auctions. This especially makes sense when there is bulk requirement and multiple assets are needed.


Tips for buying used construction equipment

equipmentonestop-ExcavatorWhether it is increasing your fleet or catering to demand surges, buying used construction equipment is always helpful. It saves the costs of investing in a new expensive machine and hence saves the extra burden on the working capital. However, while buying used construction equipment, certain things should be kept in mind to ensure the quality and utility of the machine. Here are some tips for the same. Although, these observations are for a backhoe loader, they can be applied any construction equipment in general

  1. Engine start issues: Sometimes the engine takes a lot of time to start and starts with a lot of smoke. The seller might assure that it is nothing to worry and it is only a problem because the machine was not in use for a long time. However, at this point of time it is not wise to take chances even if the machine comes at relatively lower price. Sometimes, when the engine is cold a lot of smoke can be expected. Also, it is quite possible that you are not familiar with the particular make and model of the equipment. In this case, the seller should be thoroughly enquired for all the controls and the same should be tested and verified. Every speed and movement should be tried.
  2. Fluid Leaks: The bottom of the machine must be checked thoroughly for any kind of leaks. Also, it is advisable to check all the hoses and arms.
  3. Coolant in Oil: This is a definite sign for a faulty engine and enough reason to let go off the equipment
  4. Any welding signs: The machine should be thoroughly checked for any welding on the backhoe, loader arms and buckets. Any welding is a sign of heavy usage and proves that the machine had broken in the past. Welding is much less stronger than the original steel and hence might break down again and cause problems. It also might happen that the machine had a break down in other places which might skip your attention in first place. Similarly a lot of dents point out to the fact that the machine was heavily abused.
  5. Noise and problems with brakes: The brakes and the drive-train might not behave properly associated with a noise. Repairs in external brake discs can do at a relatively lower cost; however, it is exorbitantly costly to repair the rear differential.
  6. Signs of bad maintenance: The life of a machine is long and it makes sense to buy one only when it has been properly maintained. Therefore, the machine should be checked for signs of bad maintenance such as loose bushings and pins. Maintenance is worthwhile to check to even more when the machine is quite old. The value of the machine after a long use depends on its usage and also on location and purpose of its usage.
  7. Brand Matters: It is advisable to give preference to popular brands while selecting your construction equipment. The biggest advantage of buying an established brand is the easy availability of spare parts and access to technical experts (mechanics) who can give valuable advice on the same. The easy availability of spare parts also ensures that their prices are reasonable which will help reducing the maintenance and refurbishing costs substantially.