Points to Remember When Buying Used Backhoe Loader

points-to-remember-when-buying-used-backhoe-loaderThe rising Indian economy has been a driving factor influencing the demand for construction equipment in the country. The sales of both new and used construction equipment saw rising last year. On the back of increasing infrastructure projects in sectors like roads and highways, railways, dams have boosted the demand for earth moving equipment in the country, mainly the Backhoe Loaders because of its versatility.

In the heavy equipment segment, Backhoe Loader is considered one of the crucial construction equipment due to its multi-tasking application. Backhoe Loader is used for demolition, paving roads, breaking asphalt, digging holes, setting up drainage system, laying pipes, moving heavy materials,  and used for varieties of construction projects from building housing complexes to road building, name any construction projects where there is no use of this versatile machine.

Many people associated with construction industry must be planning to purchase new as well as used Backhoe Loaders as many infra projects are already floating or expected to hit the ground in coming months. It is seen, people barely hesitate to buy the new machine, but they are extra conscious when going to buy a used machine.

Here we will see the points which we should keep in our mind when going to buy second-hand/used Backhoe Loader.

1 – When you go to buy used Backhoe Loaders, the first and foremost thing you should do is, go along with your operator/mechanic who will physically check the machine, because his feedback is very crucial for you in purchasing the machine. You can also try checking the machine by driving the Backhoe Loader if you have experience in operating this earth moving machine.

2 – If you are going to buy the used Backhoe Loaders, you should be aware of the dimensions and operating weight of the machine. The horsepower of the machine, dig depth and bucket capacity of the Backhoe Loaders are responsible for performing the task at the site, so you must get these details by keeping your project in your mind.

3 – One must check to all leading edges of Backhoe Loader, minutely check at bucket teeth, and ensure no part is missing.

4 – The hydraulic system of the Backhoe Loader is accountable for competent operation, so properly check each system component.  Also, make sure there is no damage or scratch on hoses or arms and couplings are in proper condition.

5 – Ensure no leakage, damage, scratches in cylinders.

6 – Look underneath of the Backhoe Loaders, check driveshaft and other parts of the machine to check any damage caused during the operation.

7 – Try to understand, why the owner of the asset is selling his Backhoe Loader, If he is selling it due to the technical error, you should be conscious and avoid that machine. Because if the machine is not for his use, then how come it will be useful to you.

8 – Also look at the driveshaft to ensure there is no damaged caused by any rough terrain or rocks.

9 – Get inside the machine and drive it for some distance to check smooth running, functionality and ensure no unusual noise coming from the machine.

10 – Check all the attachments of the used Backhoe Loader.

11 – Check the Backhoe Loader stick and boom for any cracks, also check the hoe bucket and missing bolts or teeth. One must ensure dig depth of the machine is enough which you require for your work.

12 – Backhoe Loader is fitted with the diverse attachment such as Digging Buckets, Front Forks, Grapples, Concrete saws, tampers, cold planers, Breakers, and more, these attachments help you to perform a better and different task, so check all attachments which you need to fit in the machine.

13 – When you go inside the machine, also check the overall condition of the seat, joystick and foot pedals.

14 – The visual and functional inspection is done to check bends, cracks, and welds of the Boom, Stick, and Bucket of the Backhoe Loader.

15 – Brand always makes a difference even when the machine gets old, machine made by the well-known company like JCB, Tata Hitachi, Komatsu, and others should be given preference when buying any used Backhoe Loader (like used JCB 3dx). You should also check the ‘Make year’ of the machine, which would tell you, how old the machine is.

16 – It is also advisable to check the service record or work orders of the Backhoe Loader.

Keeping these points while inspecting the used Backhoe Loaders will help you buying the more productive machine and give you a better return on your investment.


Why Investing in Backhoe Loader is a Good bet in India?

A Backhoe loader is one of the major and versatile earth moving equipment. This construction machine used for demolition, paving roads, breaking asphalt, digging holes, setting up drainage system, laying pipes and different other construction works.

The usage of the Backhoe loader in different infrastructure projects define its multi-functionality and versatility, it suggests no matter which sector is being developed in India, the need of Backhoe loader is always there. As we have read various news reports that a huge infrastructure development has started taking place in India in different sectors, especially in the roads and Highways, dams, and railways sectors.

It is projected that demand for Backhoe loader in India will sustain for quite some time, therefore investment in purchasing new or used Backhoe loader will be a clever move.

As Backhoe loader is versatile earth moving equipment and used for different construction projects, so investing in purchasing this machine will not go in vain. If you are into the construction business, you are likely to get future projects due to infrastructure development in the country. Even if you will not have any project in hand, you can either sell-off your Backhoe loader on good price or give on rent.

Recently one of the leading Market research company Persistence Market Research said in its report that India will be the most lucrative and largest market in the world for Backhoe Loader over the period of next few years due to infrastructure development in the country.

As you see, even the reports are also suggesting the demand of the backhoe loaders in India.

Let me explain you, where the demand for Backhoe loaders is expected to come.

For the next five years, The Indian government has planned to award works worth Rs. 7 lakh crore to develop National Highways of around 50,000 km. In the current financial year (2016-17), National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) sets a target to award projects worth Rs 1 lakh crore covering the area of over 6600 km. Lately last year, Union Minister Mr. Nitin Gadkari had said that the government will invest Rs 25 lakh crore for the development of highways and shipping in 5 years.

According to one of the reports of PTI, earlier this month, the Civil Aviation Secretary RN Choubey said that to develop the airport infrastructure in India, USD 10 billion would be spent in the next five years.

To improve the existing railway infrastructure and mobility of its services, the government will invest USD 140 billion over the next five years.

As we know the demand for construction equipment both new and used construction machinery entirely depend on the infrastructure development in particular country. The investment in country’s infrastructure development indicates the demand for both new and second-hand Backhoe loaders will rise in India.

Precaution While Operating Excavator

Excavator is one of the major construction equipment used in construction field. This heavy duty machine is used for digging holes, foundation, and trenches. The versatile machine is also used in demolition, dragging and lifting materials.

This widely used construction equipment involves in many accidents each year due to the negligence of either operators or owners or some time both, which cause serious injuries to workers working at the site, pedestrian, and operators themselves. If precaution is not taken while operating the excavator it also causes harm to your costly machine which is the heavy loss to the owner.

To prevent these serious mishaps, it is always advisable for both operators and owners of the excavator to be aware of safety requirements and take precaution at the job sites. The precautions will save human capital and also help you to run your business smoothly and avoid any legal issues due to the loss of the workers during the job.

As several risks are associated with excavators during operation, therefore an evaluation of the possible danger must be taken into consideration before the construction begins at the site.

Both operators and owners must consider the following advice while operating excavators:-

  • First and foremost, you should only allow the person to operate Excavator who has gone through appropriate training, competent and certified by authority to do so. It ensures that operator is well aware of skills and knowledge and safety while operating the machine. Trained operator also plays a crucial role in higher productivity at the site.
  • Inspection of the excavator should take place before the work starts, owner must ensure the regular servicing and maintenance of the machine should take place as per the instruction of the manufacturer.
  • The owner of the machine must ensure that his driver is taking all precaution and following safety norms, it helps in preventing any unwanted accident at the construction site. If operator does not follow the norms and handle the machine rough, it may harm your costly machine and also affect the ongoing project.
  • There are different types of excavators which meet the specific job of the contractor, so it is suggested that to use right kind excavator after the inspection of the job site.
  • Experts suggest that type of soil must be taken into consideration while positioning the machine, it is advisable to place the wheels or tracks in 90-degree.
  • The operator should ensure the seat is well-sprung and adjustable for maintaining a comfortable operating position.
  • The machine should not be operated without protective equipment.
  • Site supervisor or safety officer should minutely supervise the work at the site, ensure the operators are following all the guidelines.
  • People should be kept away from vicinity where excavator is being operated, it has been noticed that most of accident occur during this time only.
  • Excavator must be equipped with sufficient visibility aids to make sure driver can see the location where people are at risk.
  • Ensure all the attachments are properly attached to the machine.
  • Signaller who is authorized to direct the excavator movement at the site, should be trained and competent, he usually provides protected position from where operator can work safely.

India Will Continue To Be The World’s Most Lucrative And Largest Market For Backhoe Loaders: Report

The Indian government focuses on infrastructure development in various sectors including roads, railways, dams, and various easy finance related schemes have helped the Indian backhoe loaders to grow further. India emerges as the world’s most lucrative and largest market for Backhoe Loaders and it will remain the most profitable market, growing at Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 6.9 percent against the global growth of CAGR 5.9 percent –through 2026, says the latest report of Persistence Market Research.

The North America will retain the second position as the world’s second largest market for the Backhoe Loaders, followed by the Latin America during the forecast period.

According to the report, Asia Pacific excluding Japan (APEJ) was the largest market for the Backhoe Loaders in terms of volume and value in 2015; it was worth US$ 866.6 Million and is projected to surpass US$ 1 Billion in revenues by 2018.

Persistence Market Research analyst says, “Demand for backhoe loaders and other construction equipment is directly co-related to the pace of infrastructure development. India is going through a momentous phase of development of roads, railways, and dams receiving government support and FDI. Further, India’s real estate sector remained largely unaffected by the global housing crisis of 2007-08, and leading construction equipment manufacturers consolidated their position to compensate for sluggish demand in US and Europe. Since then, the India construction equipment market has been on an upswing, and our research projects the demand to remain buoyant throughout the forecast period.”

As far as construction equipment manufacturers are concerned, the top eight global Backhoe Loaders manufacturers accounted approximately 85 percent revenue share of the US$ 2.14 Billion backhoe loaders market in 2015. While JCB remains the largest player with 20 percent market share, followed by CNH Industrial NV, and Volvo Construction Group, these three companies alone account the revenue share of about 44 percent.

The rest five leading companies in terms of revenue share are, Komatsu Ltd., Hitachi Construction Machinery, Terex Corporation, Caterpillar, and Deere & Company.
In the Backhoe Loader segment, JCB is the market leader in India, roughly accounting three-fourth revenue share.

The report also suggests that center-mount backhoe loaders continue to outsell side-shift variants. During the forecast period, center-mount loaders are projected to account over 86 percent revenue share of the market. The center-mount backhoe loaders majorly consume in Asia Pacific and North America market, whereas side-shift backhoe loaders popular in Europe.

The report further says, frenzied construction activity in Tier II cities of India and implementation of ‘smart cities’ programme expected to drive overall construction equipment sales in the country. Construction and mining industry are the largest end-use sector for the backhoe loader, accounting nearly 53 percent revenue share of the market in 2016.

Source: Information has been obtained from Persistence Market Research

Features of Kubota’s Mini Excavators

Japanese company Kubota have become very popular and established itself a recognized brand in mini excavators segment for over 40 years since the launched of its first mini excavator in 1974. Kubota’s mini excavators have gained high reputation in Japan, Europe, North America, and Asian countries.
It is high durable, superior performance, digital panel, smooth, quick, powerful operation and its zero-tail swing features and others made the Kubota a global name in mini excavator segment. It had had the largest market share in mini excavator segment in the world for 13 consecutive years from 2002 to 2015.
Kubota mini excavators are used in various construction works like road, pipe networks, municipal work, gardening and other civil works and its world-class mini excavator ready to take any challenge.
In terms of technology, it’s both the mini excavators  1.5 ton ‘U15-3’ and 3 ton ‘U30-5’ are equipped with technologies such as Powerful Kubota Engine, NEW-H.M.S Hydraulic System,  Auto Idling System and  ROPS/FOPS Cabin.
The Powerful Kubota Engine is reliable and delivers superior horsepower and performance.  Kubota engine offers low vibration and noise; it also provides exceptional fuel efficiency. NEW-H.M.S Hydraulic System provides super digging performance at the site. The Auto Idling System in Kubota mini excavators is a fuel-efficient feature; it consumes less fuel and also reduces noise and emission, which help in reducing the operating cost.
For operator comfort, U30-5 mini excavator is having world class ROPS/FOPS Cabin (supplied with seat belt) for better operator safety.
U15-3 Mini Excavator
This is the perfect and versatile machine to be used in tight space for fabulous performance for wide range of task at the site and it is ultra maneuverable. Therefore, one’s should not think beyond U15-3, if work has to take place in the congested area.  It is the right kind of machine for delivering the power, control and smoothness one’s need from any mini excavator.
Its 13HP engine delivers the sufficient power and dependability the work requires.
The operating weight of U15-3 is 1,720kg, engine rated output of 13PS and the Bucket capacity of 0.04m3.  The excellent reach and digging depth ability of the machine ensure that every digging job is performed with maximum efficiency and speed. The maximum bucket breakout force of the machine is 1,545kgf (3,406 lbs.), maximum digging depth of 2,310mm and maximum vertical digging depth of 1,910mm.
U30-5 Mini Excavator
One’s can experience the latest and most advanced technology in Kubota mini excavators. In the compact construction machinery field, it was Kubota which used advanced equipment such as ‘Auto Idle’ and LCD Display with the self-diagnosis function.  Its Auto Idle system saves up to 10% of fuel.
The E-TVCS Engine provides high output, low fuel consumption and clean exhaust with world-class performance.
For the enhanced operator safety, the U30-5 mini excavator is equipped with world-class ROPS/FOPS cabin. For operator comfort, there are different features like Wide and comfortable Space, Deluxe High-back Seat, Swivel Motor with Disk Break, Engine Neutral Start, and  Engine Start Safety System.
The operating weight of U30-5 is 3,300kg, engine rated output of 27.2PS and the Bucket capacity of 0.09m3. The maximum digging depth of this machine is 2,880mm, maximum vertical wall digging depth of 2,305mm and maximum dumping height 3,175mm.
Both the Mini excavators of Kubota are designed for easy maintenance.
In India, Kubota Mini excavators are distributed by Sojitz India Private Limited, having a head office in New Delhi and branch offices in Mumbai, Kolkata, Pune, Chennai, and Gurgaon.
For more details about the products, refer to Kubota product brochure.
Source: Information has been obtained from Kubota

China’s Leading Construction Equipment Company XCMG to Invest Over Rs. 1,000 cr to Set up Manufacturing Facility in India

China’s leading construction equipment maker and World’s 5th largest construction Machinery Company, Xuzhou Construction Machinery Group (XCMG) China has announced on Thursday that it will invest USD 150 million to build its first manufacturing plant in India in a partnership with SCHWING Stetter India (a concrete equipment manufacturing company).
From the new manufacturing plant, the company would produce construction and material handling machines. With this facility, the company eyes substantial market share in India and also plans to export neighboring countries.
Commenting on this investment, Mr. Wang Min, Group Chairman of XCMG China said, “We have been eyeing the robust Indian market for the past few years, because of the vast potential it possesses. Moreover, our strategic partnership with Schwing Stetter who is already a pioneer in the Indian construction space is extremely valuable to us at this key juncture. We are sure that our products will reach the right audience in the Indian market through this partnership.”
XCMG China planning to produce its ‘Made in India’ products within a time frame of one year, however, the company is yet to finalise the location to set up the manufacturing plant. It is looking for the place near Chennai.
The strong management capabilities of SCHWING Stetter will help XCMG to meet their growth targets and expectations in the Indian market as well, said the company in a joint-statement.
Mr. Anand Sundaresan, Chairman, Schwing Stetter Sales & Services India said, “We are happy to be associated with XCMG to grow our businesses in the Indian market. Aligning with the Make-in-India initiative, our new facility will now manufacture Construction equipment and material handling products, thus enabling us to widen our product range. Our extensive reach across India, will help us build brand XCMG in the country.”
Soon a technical team from China will visit India to explore the products which can be made from XCMG’s new facility in India.
The move has inspired by the current boom in Indian construction equipment industry. The industry has performed well in 2016 after a gap of over four years. Recently, Mr. Sundaresan told EOS in an interview that Indian Construction Equipment Industry is in revival stage registering a growth of over 30% in the first half of 2016-17 compared to the same period last year.
Currently, in association with Schwing Stetter India, XCMG sells equipment like Excavators, Motor Graders, and Wheel Loaders in India.
The world’s 5th largest construction machinery company offers a combination of high quality construction machinery products and services and provides the customers with all-around systematic solutions. The products include Excavators, Loaders, Mining equipment, Road Machinery, Bridge construction equipment, Concrete machinery, Heavy-duty trucks, Forklift Truck, Cranes and different other products.
XCMG products are being exported to 159 countries and regions around the world, which makes it China’s one of the biggest construction machinery exporters.
SCHWING Stetter (India) manufactures concrete batching plants, concrete mixers, concrete pumps, concrete placing booms, tower cranes, self-loading mixers and recycling plants.
SCHWING Stetter India is a 100% subsidiary of $1-Billion SCHWING Group based in Germany, which is a part of XCMG group.
Source: Information has been obtained from XCMG & SCHWING Stetter India

Country’s Longest Sea Bridge, Rs 17,750 cr Mumbai Trans Harbour Link Project at Final Bid Stage

The Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA) has shortlisted 29 companies, including infrastructure giants China Railway Major Bridge Engineering, Larsen & Toubro (L&T), Tata Projects, Italian Thai Development Public Co., HCC for the final stage of bidding for most awaited 22-km long Mumbai Trans Harbour Link (MTHL) Project.
The Mumbai Trans Harbour Link will be India’s longest sea bridge, which is to be constructed at the cost of Rs 17,750 crore and the project will connect Sewri in Mumbai with Nhava in Navi Mumbai.  Out of total 22-km long project, 16.5km section will be constructed over the sea and a 5.5km long portion on land.
The 22km MTHLproject is divided into 3 packages, the first two packages comprise the construction of 16.5km sea bridge component. Therefore MMRDA shortlisted 7 companies each for first two packages and 15 contractors for the third package for the construction 5.5km long portion on land.
The seven contractors  which are shortlisted for Package-1 running from Sewri up to 10.38-km – are following consortium:  AFCONS Infrastructure-FLUOR Australia-Shapoorji Pallonji;  Daweoo Engineering & Construction-Tata Projects;  Gayatri Projects-China Railway Major Bridge Engineering Group; HCC-SK Engineering & Construction; IL&FS Transportation Networks -SP Singla Constructions; ITD Cementation-Simplex Infrastructures; Italian Thai Development Public-Sumitomo Mitsui Construction; and Larsen & Toubro-IHI Infrastructure.
The following  consortium has been shortlisted for Package-2 running from step 10.38-km up to step 18.187 km- are consortium of AFCONS Infrastructure-FLUOR Australia-Shapoorji Pallonji;  Daweoo Engineering & Construction-Tata Projects;  Gayatri Projects-China Railway Major Bridge Engineering Group; HCC -SK Engineering & Construction;  IL&FS Engineering -Ranjit Buildcon; ITD Cementation India-Simplex Infrastructures -Italian Thai Development Public -Sumitomo Mitsui Construction, and Larsen & Toubro-IHI Infrastructure.
Further, the 15 companies shortlisted for Package-3 running from step 18.187 up to Chirle- are: consortium consisting of AFCONS Infrastructure-FLUOR Australia -Shapoorji Pallonji; Gayatri Projects-China Railway Major Bridge Engineering Group; HCC-SK Engineering & Construction; IL&FS Engineering & Construction -IL&FS Transportation Networks; ITD Cementation India -Thakur Infraprojects- JM Mhatre Infra; JMC Infraprojects (India)- China Railway Construction Bridge Engineering Bureau Group; Obrascon Huarte Lain-Constructora of Mexico; Ranjit Buildcon-Royal Infra Engineering; Soma Enterprises -China Harbour Engineering;
The following companies also shortlisted for package-3 are:  J. Kumar Infraprojects; Larsen & Toubro; Navayuga Engineering; NCC; Simplex Infrastructures, and SP Singla Constructions.
The last date for submitting the RFP (Request for Proposal) documents is April 5, 2017, after MMRDA, the nodal agency for MTHL Project will take another 15-20 days to select the winning bids. The names of the final bidders are expected to come either in last week of April or in May.
Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) has agreed to fund around 80% of the Rs 17,750 crore for the construction of 22km MTHL Project. The central government has become the guarantor for the loan of JICA, the rest 20% will be managed by the state government.
Once it completed, MTHL Project will provide direct access to Navi Mumbai, New International Airport and will also provide the convenient gateway to Pune Expressway and further to Southern India.
The project would require a huge amount of construction equipment during the construction period.  Equipment such as Excavators, Backhoe loaders, Motor graders, Cranes, different other types of Earth moving and material handling machinery will see the demand in Mumbai. There are different other urban infrastructure projects have approved in the metropolis, which would further generate demand for new as well as used construction equipment in coming years. Even the CE rental services will also pick up the demand as many contractors may prefer to hire different types of assets for the particular project.
Source: Information has been obtained from MMRDA & media reports

Features of ACE AX-130 Backhoe Loader

Material handling and Construction equipment maker Action Construction Equipment Ltd (ACE) recently launched 7500 kg Backhoe Loader AX 130. The rugged and reliable loading & excavating machine comes with 2 Wheel Drive and 4 Wheel Drive option. The ACE powerful backhoe loader can be used for multi-tasking at the sites and also be used for any heavy duty work.

The company added many radical features in the new machine which gives brilliant performance and operator comfort.

Backhoe Loader AX 130 is installed with KIRLOSKAR engine 4R1040T (BS III) 4 cylinder, turbo charged, water cooled diesel engine delivering 76.0 HP @2200 rpm and developing high torque with low fuel consumption.

The operating weight of the AX 130 is 7500 kg, loader bucket capacity is 1.00 cu.m and excavator bucket capacity 0.24 cu.m and having maximum Torque of 300 Nm @ 1500 rpm.

As far as performance is concerned, the Loader dump height is – 2.78 M, load over height – 3.25M and its reach at the ground is 1.95M. When it comes to the Excavator performance, it has Max dig depth of – 4.7m, maximum working height- 5.29M and maximum load over height – 3.62 M.

The machine is installed with hydrostatic steering for reliability and better control. The refill capacities of the machine are, Fuel tank – 160 litres, Hydraulic tank – 135 litres and engine oil 11 litres.

The Roll-over protective structures (ROPS) is fully enclosed wide view cabin with easy entry and exit from the cabin for the operator.

The optional equipment which comes with AX 130 Backhoe Loader is Fork Lift Attachment, Excavator buckets in different sizes, 6- in-1 loaders buckets, Ripper Tooth, Heavy Duty Tyres 14.00*25, Fire extinguisher, Jaw Bucket, Cabin with fops, etc.

ACE offers Mobile Cranes, Tower Cranes, Mobile/Fixed Tower Cranes, Truck Mounted Cranes, Crawler Cranes, Backhoe Loaders/Loaders, Lorry Loaders, Forklifts, Vibratory Rollers, Tractors & Harvesters, etc. The company has a combined presence in all major Infrastructure, Construction, Heavy Engineering and Industrial Projects across the country.

ACE has production facilities based at industrial townships of Faridabad (Haryana) and Kashipur (Uttrakhand).

The company sales and service network spread across the country, these outlets are fully equipped with quality spare parts and services by trained engineers.

For more details about the machine, refer to ACE product brochure

Source: Information has been obtained from ACE Ltd

Apollo Techno Launched ‘A600’ Horizontal Directional Drill Machine

Apollo Techno Equipments Ltd, the road construction equipment maker recently launched ‘A600 HDD’ horizontal directional drill machine. The machine is powered with three-variant drilling speed with the better rotational speed which increases the better productivity. The company is India’s first Directional Drill Machine manufacturer.
The drilling rig machine usually used for creating holes in the earth sub-surface, it is mainly used to drill oil wells, water wells, gas and other drill related works.
A600 HDD is designed with Rack-Pinion system with 130 HP Ashok Leyland engine. The machine pull-back capacity is 15.735 Tons and torque of 6000 Nm with variable flow of water pump help in performing the machine in tough conditions.
Keeping in mind the customer’s need, the company has developed “A600 HDD” that results in highly efficient, reliable and durable rig across these segments, said the company.
It has features like Auto Rod-Loader System on Rack-Pinion, Auto Anchoring systems which reduce the men-power and makes your job faster. The machine uses sealed & lubricated track rollers, carrier rollers, and idlers that provide excellent service life to keep your rig in the field and work longer.
Apollo single piece forged drill rod provides the optimal range of strength and more flexibility with finished threads.
As far as technical specification of the A600 HDD is concerned, it is equipped with Ashok Leyland diesel engine H4CTINES24/1, having a maximum engine speed of 2400 RPM, 4 cylinders with turbo charger and maximum torque of 460 Nm @ 1400 RPM.  The length of the Drill pipe is 10 feet (3m), weight of each pipe is 35kg, and its rod loading capacity is 500 feet (50 pipes) and minimum bend radius of 110 feet.
The engine oil capacity is 12 litre, diesel tank of 130 litre and hydraulic oil tank of 224 litre.
The HDD is based on Trenchless Technology, it is a type of subsurface construction in the civil engineering industry, it is capable of doing underground infrastructure work with minimum disruption.  The method used for tunneling, horizontal directional drilling, pipe jacking, horizontal auger boring and used for other methods of installing pipelines and cables under the ground with minimum excavation.
HDD is a trenchless method of installing pipe in the ground at variable angles using a guidable drill head. HDD Technology is one of the latest Method for utility construction. The major utilities like gas, electric and telecommunications can be installed with this Technology.
Horizontal Directional Drill Method is very feasible and easy to work in an urban or congested area.
Apollo Techno Equipments Ltd manufactures Road Construction Equipment such as Mechanical Pavers, Curb machines, and Transit Mixers. Looking towards the new opportunities of the Underground Construction in Cable and Pipe laying sectors in India, the company decided to manufacture Directional Drill Equipment in the country.
Its state of the art facility is located in Mehsana, Gujarat.
Source: Information has been obtained from Apollo Techno Equipments